band for hire in Ottawa - download pricing PDF below

The H&P Band has affordable options for every event & budget! Download our band pricing pdf below:


1) Select event length (3, 4 or 5 hours)

2) Select musicians (5, 6 or 7)

3)  Select songs (see song list)

4) Select staging (basic, std or gala)

  - sign contract, pay 100% the night of the event!

With "Friends of the Band" Pricing, your night of fabulous music can range from $1250 to $2100 - TAXES INCLUDED!  That is not much more than the price of a DJ with taxes...

How can we offer these great prices?

1) We own our own PA and staging equipment (no rental costs)

2) We limit the events we take so we don't have to charge you HST!

3) We are incorporated.

4) We work with a wide group of musicians who are passionate about promoting the use of live music in Ottawa!


"Friends of the Band" 2019 Promotion (FOB)

Our clients can save hundreds of dollars by obtaining a "H&P Band FOB card" for 15% off our 2019 website price list for events hosted at these  premium Ottawa locations:

- All Saints Hall            

- Brookstreet Hotel    

- Chateau Laurier       

- Lago Bar and Grill   

- Ottawa Hunt Club  

- Orchard View            

- Sala San Marco         

- Tudor Hall                  

- plus various other sites...


Contact us for further information about these significant savings - and ask your event hall to join our FOB pricing! 

FOB - Find out more!

Download our party band pricing