H&P Party Options & Pricing

The H&P Band has music options for every event (and budget) including:

A) Wedding Standard Package/ Corporate Event Package

Pricing - $1400 to $1800 

The Hunks and Punks Band provides 6 - 7 musicians (including horns and congas), a choice from over 140 great songs for 3 - 4 hours of great party entertainment!  We provide a tech controlled sound board and light show (up to 11 LED lights), full PA, Black Tie attire and staging options/black curtains ranging from Gala to Standard set-up.  

Please see our sample song set list at the bottom of this page, videos on other pages on this site.

B) Jazz/Ballad Quartet

Pricing - $600 to $800  

This is a 4 musician "Jazz/Ballad Quartet" option for easy listening, dinner or cocktail events, over dinner or for easy listening entertainment.  This ranges from 1 to 2 hours in length - and can be a "stand alone" event (at wedding or corporate event) or in combination with a full H&P Dance Band event above. 

Please check out the sample Jazz/Ballad Quartet set list at the bottom of this page.  

C) Pub Dance Band or Maritime Celtic Band

Pricing - $800 to $1200 

This is a 4 to 5 musician variation of the H&P Band that plays music ranging from Top 40, Disco and Rock to 'table thumping' Maritime/Celtic pub music for parties and events.  It has slightly fewer light/staging and songs options than the big band option in "A" above - but will keep you hopping all night!

Please check out all the sample song lists at the bottom of this page.

Please contact us for more info!